Asia Festival Autumn ’19

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Asia Festival
of Warsaw 2019

(mini movie)


It was a beautiful day 🐼
We’ve had the opportunity to celebrate the downtown end of the summer of 2019. Together with the Śródmieście District of the Capital City of Warsaw, we have organized the Asian Festival at which we hosted wonderful artists, exhibitors, athletes, and residents of Warsaw from Eastern countries.

Our event was opened by the mayor of the Śródmieście District, Aleksander Ferens, with the words “It’s time to start our Polonez!”, Right after the stage a beautiful show of our traditional dance was given by a band from Vietnam 😍

On our main stage you could experience beautiful performances: Michał Rudaś, Kinga Malec, Mohini Indian Dance Group, Yoga at Foksal, Studio Dantian, Vibration of Love, Artur Gorzelak, Spochan Polska – Sports Chanbara Poland, Warsaw Aikido Center, Aliah Kluchenkova, artists from Vietnam, Apsara Afsanesara., Artists from Mongolia, Emilia Anna Potocka, “Liu Yi Lan Dance Group” Dance Group, Kung Fu Academy “Tiger’s Claws”

Thank you all


International Fun

Minorities lives in Poland were able to show their cultural activities and share the moment with everybody around.


World Cuisine

World Cuisine was main contributor to the International Festival. Our guests were able to try different tastes.


Artistic Performances

There were non-stop international performances and the artists were able to share their cultural joys with everybody.


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